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Anitha Aravind: About emotions, right brain and art

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Well hello! I am Anitha Aravind, an empathic and emotional human being, artist, wife, mom, cook and many other things. "What is behind my work?", "What does the creative process look like?", "What gets me going on a given day?". You can find all that here and much more from my experiences as a self-taught artist.


Let me start by saying that talking to people and sharing stories is how I thrive. It energizes me as much as my alone time in the tree house studio. I love interesting conversations on meaningful topics and finding ways to relate. I am quite unfiltered and that reflects in what I do as an artist. As a constant learner I am open to ideas on how I can connect with you. It is important that I care about each piece I create and want to make sure it finds a suitable place in your home, office, gallery or wherever your comfort zone is. As it happens I grew up mostly around engineers and people in academia. Creatives were considered not so mainstream and often iffy. I often found comfort in quiet corners of the house to do little 10-15 minute sketches, mostly portrait, using the only tool available to me no.2 HB graphite pencil. So that explains the self-taught part.

After moving to the United States and working in technology for many many years art remained a big part of my life. I was surrounded by numerous possibilities, tools and artists who have inspired me and nudged me along the way. As with many artists, I escape from the ordinary life when I delve into the creative side of my brain.

Now let me talk about my studio. The tree house. Time escapes me and my thoughts are lost in this space. Something about the smell of the old oak tree, the wooden walls and the squirrels that keep me company.

All of my original art is conceived in black and white in my brain and presented as an extension of my imagination. I vehemently believe that originality has an energy to it. I believe art contains within, the honest intention and soul of the artist. Charcoal and acrylic are my favorite medium even though I dabble in watercolor and oil for custom projects.

There is a power to new beginnings so this is my first blog. I strive to stay connected to you all here on a regular basis so please visit and drop your comments. Peace!

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