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My Take on Why Art is The Best Gift

Let’s talk about making memories out of important milestones shall we? Now you may be wondering where I am going with this. All roads lead to Rome which means every positive emotion in my opinion should be associated with an experience. Travel is an experience just as is a mindful retreat. So is art. In fact I would argue that art is not given the attention it deserves for the benefits it brings to people.

But I digress, let’s discuss the important things first. We all spend hours researching that perfect gift for the perfect occasion. In the era of ecommerce and quick purchases this becomes somewhat of a stressful task. Well should it be? With a lot of careful consideration and thought, artwork makes a beautiful and usually unexpected gift that will be guaranteed to have a longer term positive impact on someone.

Now I know what you are thinking. With so many variables how do I choose the right piece that will convey the thought behind it? Let me help you.

You are most likely giving the gift to someone you know so think about a theme that they care about. For example, some of my friends are into Indian music, others into vacations, cooking, entertaining, pets etc. Unlike other things art is often bought because of its emotional appeal and can be highly revealing of someone’s taste and personality. So it is incredibly important to create a connection with the recipient if they truly enjoy the work. You should feel secure about your choice. By establishing a bond with the recipient through your creativity, you want to choose a suitable work—no matter the occasion—that reflects well on your artistic taste and your knowledge of theirs.

Next important criteria is budget. What would be your budget? Deciding your budget will help you steer your search and be realistic about your options. This trickles down to the type of art, size etc. It is ideal to create a budget and stick to it. Base the budget on the art in the recipient’s home and on what you can afford. If you overdo it, you could make the recipient uncomfortable.

Next consider the space if you know them well. The style of the decor, is it traditional or modern, or does it have a retro vibe? How much wall space or other display space is available and where? When in doubt, it is always a safer option to err on the side of caution and go with a standard small piece of commissioned work, because original work comes in all sizes and can be displayed in many places perfectly well. In other words, don’t think that art always needs to be a large piece you see in a gallery.

Next up engage them in a brief conversation about art. If you know that they have art in their home, show the recipient pictures of works by other artists, subjects or mediums. Watch and evaluate their verbal response, facial look, and body language for their receptivity. Whether you know anything about them or not or anything about what they prefer, you can at least learn if the recipient is open to suggestions on collecting artwork in other areas.

Whatever might be the recipient’s taste in art, it’s best to choose a conservative yet creative work. When gifting art to a business space, choose an office-appropriate piece and inform them of the intent.

Viewing and understanding a piece of art is an ongoing, evolving experience. Remember that people need to warm up to a new piece. Let them absorb the emotional experience. To help ease their apprehension, choose a piece that, at first sight, the recipient will understand. As they spend more time and analyze the work, they will uncover and appreciate its many meanings.

You now have the power of the right intent, knowledge and awareness to choose the right artwork. Your choice of gift will open their eyes---and mind---to a visual world that they may have never imagined before. Good luck!

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